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Halloween Treats!

I made these for a Halloween party at my house. Not the prettiest presentation ever, but it’s all we had lying around. I still call it a win. 

Flowers and Lipstick!


Flowers from the boyfriend!

And New Lipstick from Revlon


It so pretty, but it smudges too easily. 

Free L’Oreal haul!

Stuff I got from testing L’Oreal products! Pretty sweet haul worth well over $200! 

New Boots!!!

Excuse my messy room, but I got some new boots and had to share. These are Ariat boots. I love them because they are this cute mix of Western and English style. They are super comfy too! Kinda my new winter boot. 

Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation Liquid Mousse Foundation

So I have a lot of foundation. I mean a lot. I guess when you’re super pale like me you’ll spend your life looking for the perfect foundation. You know the one that doesn’t make you look orange or yellow. That foundation that doesn’t look like you can see the powder flecks all over your face nor the foundation that makes your face break out. It’s tough. I usually go with the lightest foundation a company has to offer. Granted I haven’t tried M.A.C, but that’s because every time I go to a foundation counter they just sit there selling me whatever foundation they like personally and it always ends up a million shades darker than it needs to be… I’m looking at you Clinique counter. I also break out like crazy so I usually have trouble with a lot of drug store makeup. Somewhere I have a photo of my arm in hives after trying a whipped L’Oreal makeup. 

So I not only wanted to show some swatches of the makeup I own, but I wanted to try out the new foundation I received from influenster in the mail this past week. 


This is my arm before makeup application.


These are my current foundations. All of these are the lightest shades in their collections. As you can see Tarte and Smashbox are pretty orangey for being the lightest shade. Lorac and the Maybelline Fitme are pretty close to my skin tone. Fitme doesn’t really feel good on my skin since it feels heavy and it also looks dry on my face.


You can kinda see the powdery texture of the Fitme. It’s fairly obvious on the face


Here they are in a different florescent lighting. Tarte is a pretty big offender of the orange look. It really is their lightest shade too. 

Here is a pic of the products used Minus the revlon since it breaks me out. I also put Pore Professional under most foundations I use. 

This is what influenster and Rimmel sent me for free. Overall the bottle is pretty cute. I am a sucker for purple since it’s my favorite color. As far as I know this is the lightest shade that this line offers as well. Guys I really am pale.


Here is the Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation. A little goes a long way! I put this speck on my arm and started to blend…


Here it is blending out! It really has a ton of coverage! 


It ended up covering my entire forearm. I was impressed with how well it blended and how light-weight it felt. I thought it would be like the fitme at first and look too powdery on my skin but it really didn’t at all. But just like it’s name it still looked matte when done.


Finally here is a look I did with it to test for my Halloween outfit this year. I was going Great Gatsby-ish with whatever I could find in my closet. Excuse the my lipstick smear. That is Revlon’s lipstick and it smears easily (no good Revlon!). I did end up wearing that foundation to the Halloween party and I was impressed with it’s staying power! It lasted through the night and I felt it matched my skin tone which is hard to do! Good job Rimmel! 

My ‘Nailtini’ nails! So festive! (from Ipsy November bag)

Ipsy (formerly Myglam) November 2012 bag! An absolute win!

November Birchbox 2012! Check out that bathbomb cupcake! It looks good enough to eat!

The fine folks at and Crest sent me a free whitening kit! The deal is that I get to test it out, be thankful to influenster and crest for being so generous, and give my honest feedback on the product and promote my personal feedback whether it is negative or positive. 

To be honest I had tried the older Crest basic white strips back in the day. I didn’t like them because they weren’t powerful and they slipped around on my teeth. However, these strips are awesome! They are level 4 whitening power, enamel safe, and they stick to your teeth really, really well. After the first 3 times I used them (2 hours each time) I noticed a difference. 

They were a $40 value and definitely worth purchasing again when this box runs out.